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lunes, 28 de agosto de 2006

Sin Embargo los pecado de uno jamás serán perdonados y las heridas del otro jamás sanarán

Sin embrago sus pecados no serán perdonados y mis heridas no serán sanadas

He dado tantas vueltas últimamente que no he tenido tiempo de publicar mucho pero hoy me estoy tomando el tiempo de escribir algo largo. No crean que no he escrito, lo he hecho pero no me he dado el tiempo de pasarlo y ponerlo a disposición de todos.

Quizás no desee como pesaba ser un fantasmita depuse de todo.

Lately I have been having all this thoughts about my self, but I don’t know why everything comes clear in English. Well that’s because in this language I heve to think twice to say something the way I want it . I even had a long conversation with me, this morning while I was waiting for the bus that took me to Perucho.

Musical back ground? Sabina, I supposed some of you had already guessed. My mind is traveling around some ideas I can not quite put in order. Something about love and men (as always in mind), something about pain and pardon. Finding your own path and some other staff like how much, days like yesterday, I miss my family and my mom and dad. But I don really miss them now as woman, no. I miss them as child. I don’t know if I’m been clear. The feeling I have is that one that came when you are child and you are hurt, I used to need mom for a kiss or hug. Now I miss her like that but I pretty sure could not live with them again.

I have always had this thing about imagine all this conversations I have never had. Chatting with all my friends or someone I would like to get as a friend again, or exes or even my mom or dad (not very often but eventually could happened)

As example this morning I was “chatting” to an ex-boyfriend (an imaginary conversation), I was asking him why is so difficult to almost a very man I have known to say IN WORDS if any woman was important to him. I mean why it’s so damn difficult to say “Hey, you really meant something”. They think we should know and that’s enough and if we do not know that our fault not theirs. Well that can be a point of view. Some times to close properly a door it’s necessary to know one was important for this person. I meant something. Especially if you have this funny feeling that He was pulling you leg all the time.

It would be nice to know but impossible to ask, men usually get scare when direct questions are on the table. They always think that if you asked is because you are waiting for something else to happen. THEY ALL ARE REAAAALLY WEIRD but should be for that we love them so much.

Love to next week.